Org Mode: Capture, Refile, and Sort

I was wanting to start blogging the org mode from the beginning. But I think that would take more time. So I’ll just jot down what I learned today.

This is triggered by C-c c (which has to be added in the .emacs file). In org mode version 6.36 (I think) this is already built in, older than that, it was still based on the old remember.el. Apparently the emacs that came with Ubuntu 12.04 uses org mode 6.33, so I needed to install the org mode by
sudo apt-get install org-mode
which installs org mode version 7 something. Afterwards, you need to add in the .emacs file,
(require 'org)
My Mac has the Emacs 24, so it was alrite.
Capture is very useful. Adding new tasks or entries by C-c c from anywhere in Emacs. I add all of the new captures into Inbox, so that I will review it later in the day (I hopefully do so).

After capturing, of course, you have to refile them. C-c C-w will do this. I add the first two setq in this tutorial so that I can refile it into different file quickly. I’m still not yet decided on how much information I want to put into org mode… or calendar… or evernote.

Then, when you’ve got some tasks done and some new tasks added, it will be some kind of a jumble between TODO and DONE. Here, you can use C-c ^ to sort up a region or a subtree by name, or by todo status, etc. Useful.

Org mode is fun.

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