Dropbox vs Evernote

Actually, it’s Dropbox AND Evernote.
I use and need both of them, differently.
It’s been talked about, but I just want to share mine.
Here’s how I use them.


  • Shared files, codes, files I need to send to someone
  • Backups of address books, wiki
  • When I want to listen to something I found on the net immediately on my iPhone
  • Scanned administration documents, submitted documents


  • Todo
  • Logs for twitter, food (I use separate account for Evernote food, where I take pictures all, well almost, of my meals)
  • Bank accounts log, Train card usage log, Phone bill log (all copied from the online account statement), Salary notes
  • Wishlist, place I want to travel
  • Goals, inspiring people, quotes
  • Hotel bookings, travel itineraries, account login details
  • (Still trying to) Website design screenshots, scans of moleskine

I’m trying to delete some notes from time to time, as I don’t want my harddisk is ineffectively full of unneeded files… Same thing for Dropbox. Files that I don’t use anymore goes to Box.com where I have more space, and not synced to my computers.

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